Supporters should dump Trump


With the election in 12 months, it’s time to talk Trump. The real estate mogul and TV personality, Donald Trump is constantly in the media talking about his plans to “Make America Great Again.” While his banter appeals to his supporters, his plans are quite irrational and underdeveloped.

Trump is the frontrunner for the GOP candidacy in the primary election with 24.6 percent support, according to a Nov. 19 RealClearPolitics poll. This is a 5 percent gain from a month ago. With Trump taking back the GOP lead, there’s a chance he will be the nation’s next president.

Trump appeals to the nation’s necessity for change, but the plans he displays are not going to make America great again.

Trump’s immigration plan is unruly and irrational. He plans to expel 11 million immigrants, and their families, from this country. He states that he will only “let the good ones” return. Trump plans to restrict the number of immigrants the United States accepts each year and impose a national job-verification process that would require citizens to have federal permission to work.

Trump also has plans to build a 2,000-mile wall across the U.S. and Mexico border, and he claims he is going to force the Mexican government to pay for it. With an estimated cost of $5.1 billion, how is a nation that is economically disadvantaged supposed to pay for this wall?

Going along with his immigration plan, he wants to take away the 14th Amendment which grants the constitutional right of citizenship by birth.

On top of all of this, he wants to flood the country with three times the amount of immigration agents. The cost to hire these agents is estimated to be $8.4 billion a year. This country was founded on the ideas of immigration and the nation’s economy thrives from it. If Trump decides to restrict immigration it could not only dismantle the country’s economy, but Florida’s economy even more. The Sunshine State flourishes from tourism and immigration.

Additionally, Trump plans to devalue China’s currency. He wants a 20 percent revaluation of Chinese currency, but does he not appear to know what this risks. China has invested money in countries around the world. If Trump decides to follow through with this plan, he would risk crashing economies throughout the world.

China has invested an estimated $1 trillion just in the U.S. Treasury to help lower this country’s national debt. Not only would Trump risk a major market meltdown, but he would also risk a war with China.

Trump claims he wants to revalue China’s currency to open more jobs for Americans, but economists say this isn’t possible in this manner, according to Joe Stiglitz of The Economist.

If those aren’t reasons enough to fear Trump, perhaps knowing he has little to no plans for foreign policy or any background in this area of expertise will invoke it. In a GOP debate on Sept. 16th, Trump said he would negotiate with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, to handle the controversy in Iran. He also said that the U.S. should pay more attention to North Korea’s nuclear program and then called Kim Jong-un a “maniac.” The chief executive should not be calling a world leader names. That’s not very diplomatic, or presidential. Trump clearly lacks diplomacy, which will only equal problems for America.

Although Trump has a great business background, that is not the only thing the people need for the leader of this country. The U.S. has needs to address its problems and find solutions to them, but deporting people, causing a war and political incorrectness are not the ways to do it. These ideas are irrational and unneeded. People need to rethink Trump.


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