Equality is a myth

Being a feminist means believing one thing: that women are indisputably equal to men, in both rights and status as human beings. It isn’t about man-hating or going everywhere braless; it’s about being treated and considered an equal. Society shouldn’t make it out to be such a dirty word. It’s a great thing for all of humanity and should be embraced by all people.

Feminists are fighting for a cause that is still relevant. On average, women make 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, according to a study by Institute for Women’s Policy Research. This means that women working full time jobs make 21 percent less than men doing the same thing. Often, women will be denied a job simply because they are a female. People make feminism seem like an old-fashioned idea, but there are facts to prove the need for this movement. It’s time for women to move into the corporate world. Feminism has come along way, but it still isn’t enough as the data shows.

Feminism isn’t all about women, it’s for men too. Men are often told they have to be ‘manly’ and that they should keep their emotions bottled up; feminists are working to make this stigma a thing of the past. Meninism is an actual movement that is promoting these gender roles to be taken down. They are working for similar changes feminists are, but are focusing on the other side.

Why does society give feminism such a bad name? It’s not about man-hating or being superior to men, it’s simply about equality of the sexes. No one gender is superior to another and that is what the movement is all about. It’s about creating equal opportunities, equal rights and equal representation for women in society.

A movement called Women Against Feminism currently in motion. They are working to prove that feminism is outdated and that society no longer has a need for a feminist movement. They are denying the facts and studies that have been done on the subject. Their point is that feminism is obsolete and that women are actually equal. This movement is quickly picking up speed and gaining followers, but it needs to be stopped.

Gender equality isn’t just an American issue. Women in China, India, and countries in the Middle East are treated much worse. Women are often beaten for going to school or even leaving the house without a man. The nations need advocates so women are treated as equals, not property. Women in some of these countries are often sold as wives or worse. There is an extreme need for change in these nations and most of the time, the women in these nations cannot speak out against the wrongdoings

Of course changes have been made to help close this equality gap; the 19th Amendment was a big step towards rights for women, but there is still a great need for more. Feminists aren’t going to stop until women are equal and they haven’t achieved this milestone yet. It’s time to stop denying the facts and start embracing them.


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