12/3 “My Condolences.”

In my government class today, we discussed the shooting in California. We debated what the candidates running for president should do to help lower the amount of massacres caused by guns. We also touched on how each candidate reacted/responded to the massacre.

What really made me mad was the fact that the republican candidates were so afraid of losing their vote, they didn’t even say what they would do to work on the problem that is right in front of them. How am I supposed to think you’re a great president when you are too afraid to state your opinion on a major issue for the nation. All these candidates said was “My condolences,” well my condolences when I don’t vote for you in 2016.

I’m sick and tired of people not stepping up to the plate. You are running for president in a very powerful nation and you are too afraid to say what you will do to stop people from dying. Innocent people and children are dying and you’re doing nothing? Where is this nations breaking point? Obviously killing kindergartners wasn’t it. So when do people start stepping up and trying to fix all the wrong doings that are happening?


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