2/5 Hey guys

Soooooooo, clearly I’m back and alive, just incase anyone was wondering. I have been very very very (is that enough verys?) busy lately and I feel horrible about not posting in like… 2 freaking months. I really do not have any super strong opinions on anything except the Flint, Michigan water issue, which by the way is complete and utter crap. Who would think that letting lead seep into the drinking water was a great idea? Ugh, anyway, that is not what this post is about, it is about ME (not really, it is about me being alive so no one worries, not that I think anyone is).

Okay anyway, this is the end of my little teeny (kinda) tiny post.

Love you guys,

∆ Cam ∆ (I was feeling fairly triangular tonight, tehe)


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